The best dehumidifiers in 2020

The best dehumidifiers for every budget and demand

In the previous blog, we mentioned the impact of high humidity on our lives. High humidity can cause various problems, especially mold, mildew, dust mites, damage to walls/paint, rotting woodwhich adversely affects the human body and living environment.Dehumidifiers have become an important tool to solve the problem of high humidity.Owning a good, dependable home dehumidifier pays off in the long-run. Dehumidifiers can reduce the risk of disease and house damage caused by high humidity.

So how do we choose the best dehumidifier?

What is a good dehumidifier?

What is the standard of a good dehumidifier?

There are plenty of dehumidifier models to choose from. Here are a few factors to weigh when determining which one is right for your home.

There are plenty of dehumidifier models to choose from. Here are a few factors to weigh when determining which one is right for your home.


In 2019, the U.S. Department of Energy instituted new dehumidifier testing standards. Dehumidifiers are now evaluated at lower temperatures, more in line with real-life basement conditions, than they were previously.

Because of this, the largest dehumidifiers, which had been classified as having 70-pint capacities due to the amount of water they could remove from the air in 24 days, are now be classified as having capacities of 45 to 50 pints. 

Medium-sized dehumidifiers are being reclassified from 50 pints to 30 pints, and small dehumidifiers from 30 pints to 20 or 22 pints.

As a result, some of the best dehumidifiers on our list are being phased out as manufacturers adjust to the new procedure and introduce new machines. For example, the GE APER70LW has been replaced by the nearly identical GE APER50LZ. We’ll update these rankings as we get more information.

-Types Of Dehumidifier Available

There are three major types of dehumidifiers:

  1. Compressor based dehumidifiers
  2. Thermo-electric dehumidifiers
  3. Desiccant dehumidifiers

 Dehumidifiers work in a few different ways. The most common method pulls air over refrigerated coils, cooling it enough to condense moisture and drop the water into the machine’s bucket.

You may also find desiccant dehumidifiers, which use water-absorbing material, and thermoelectric dehumidifiers, which use charged plates. Compressor based units can be used to dehumidify any (reasonably) sized space at any humidity level. Most thermo-electric and desiccant units can only be used to dehumidify small spaces (like a closet, for example) and only if the humidity level in that space isn’t very high. It is for this reason that they’re often deemed unsuitable for use in the home.

In general, neither is as effective as a condensing dehumidifier, which is the only type we recommend here.


The capacity is how much moisture the machine claims to remove per day. When buying a dehumidifier, consider the two important specifications of pints and cubic feet. This is an important indicator of a good dehumidifier.

Pints: You will usually notice products sold as “30 pints” or “50 pints” dehumidifiers. This is a measurement unit that refers to how much water the dehumidifier can absorb on average within 24 hours of operation. A 70 pint dehumidifier absorbs 70 pints of water per day, and a 30 pint dehumidifier absorbs 30 pints of water per day. One pint is equal to 0.125 gallons and 0.47 liters. This can be used to measure the size of the dehumidifier, which is also a measure of efficiency. In general, the larger the size, the larger — and damper — the space it can efficiently dry out.

Cubic feet: The cubic foot measurement refers to the design space of the dehumidifier. Some units may only be suitable for small spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, etc., and some may be designed for large spaces such as entire houses.

Dehumidifiers generally come in three sizes: large (45-50-pint capacity), medium (30-45pint capacity) and small (20-22-pint capacity). 

Under the old regulations, these sizes were 70, 50 and 30 pints, respectively, and you’ll see such numbers with three older models above. 

Capacity is not the same as bucket size, however. This is another specification you’ll want to consider, as smaller buckets that fill quickly will need to be emptied more often to keep the machine from automatically shutting off.

-Noise level

In fact, dehumidifiers cannot keep absolutely quiet.

Medium-power and high-capacity equipment tends to generate about 55 to 67 decibels when operating at full power.

Although the small-capacity dehumidifier is relatively quieter, it is still far away from being silent.

Please choose dehumidifiers with different noises according to your needs.

– Controls

Most dehumidifiers have simple turntables or digital controls.  You can control the exact percentage of humidity in your room.

Some dehumidifiers have digital humidity readings, 24-hour on/off timers and electronic controls that can be selected at any time for control lock.

Low Capacity Dehumidifier Reviews

We generally don’t recommend low capacity compressor based dehumidifiers. Small dehumidifiers are in fact much less energy efficient  as their larger capacity counterparts. As a final blunt warning do not buy a small low capacity dehumidifier if you’re trying to save money. Not only are they less energy efficient (costing you more in energy costs over time), but they also do not cost much less on average than medium capacity dehumidifiers.

Eva-dry Electric Petite Dehumidifier EDV-1100 Reviews

Best for Closets

Capacity: 16 oz. | Size : 8 oz/day| Drainage:  Passive | Energy Star certified: No | Humidity sensor: Yes | Frost sensor: Yes | Auto restart: Yes | Warranty: 1 year |Coverage: up to 1,100 cubic feet |Power Draw: 22 watts


  • The smallest, lightest thermo-electric dehumidifiers
  • Ideal for home, office or caravan
  • Energy efficient with low power consumption, less noise output 
  • Large Water Tank & Auto Shut-Off


Built-in Cooling Technology keeps the product quiet.

When full the dehumidifier will automatically shut off .

Ideal for home, office or caravan,easy to carry.

Cheap and cost-effective


Only suitable for small spaces. Short power cord could make placement challenging. Defective power switch issues in older models. No humidistat. The dehumidification effect is not obvious in a larger space.

Bottom line:

Compared with other dehumidifiers, this dehumidifier has lower noise and provides you with a good sleep. Ideal for small spaces where humidity is high: bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages, RVs.


The Eva-Dry EDV-1100 is one of the smallest, lightest thermo-electric dehumidifiers on the market.This dehumidifier is compact in appearance and convenient to carry. Its size is suitable for small spaces and can be used in the kitchen, bedroom, and even when traveling.

-Noise Output:The average noise output for all of the thermo-electric dehumidifiers

we tested was 53.2 dB. On the other hand, the EDV-1100 was measured at 50.9 dB, 2.3 dB below average. Making it generate less noise to provide you a good night sleep at night.

-Moisture Removal Rate:The manufacturer specified moisture removal rate for the EDV-1100 is 8 ounces per day in ideal conditions (86° F and 80% relative humidity). The EDV-1100 has a 16 ounce water tank. This means that, assuming ideal conditions (86° F and 80% relative humidity), you’ll need to empty its water tank once every two days if you want the dehumidifier to run (and dehumidify) continuously

-Maximum Portability:The EDV-1100 couldn’t be any more portable. For one, it can easily be transported. Thermo-electric dehumidifiers are already much lighter and smaller than compressor based units and the EDV-1100 is one of the smallest and lightest within the thermo-electric dehumidifier category itself.  If you want a thermo-electric dehumidifier that’s small, light, and easy to move around, this dehumidifier largely meets your needs.

In addition, we know from customer reviews that Eva-dry does have excellent customer service, and someone can answer customer calls at any time. However, some consumers think that it is not a product suitable for long-term use, that is to say, its durability is not very good, and it cannot be applied to large spaces with high humidity.

Frigidaire FFAD2233W1-22P Reviews

Best for basements

Capacity: 22 pints | Drainage: Passive | Energy Star certified: Yes | Humidity sensor: Yes | Frost sensor: Yes | Auto restart: Yes | Speeds: 3 | Warranty: 1 year

  • Portable design , Easy to use. Bucket is easy to empty
  • Easy to clean filter
  • Stylish design
  • Bucket is easily removable


Lightweight and portable, Suitable for use in small spaces such as apartments.

Reliable dehumidification function, humidity control, continuous drainage.

Maintain your indoor air qualitywith our easy-to-clean washable filter.


The fan is noisy, even on the lowest setting, in a slightly pulsing way, not just a loud woosh but an annoying up and down volume.

The customer service of frigidaire is not good enough, and the customer service calls are not answered in time.

There is a problem of water leakage from below

Bottom line:

The Frigidaire FFAD2233W1 also has user-friendly design features , including an easily accessible filter and cord-storage hooks.


-This dehumidifier is also relatively small, easy to move, suitable for small spaces such as attic, basement, bathroom, etc., which can keep wet spaces dry quickly and reliably.Rolling casters and integrated side handles make it easy and convenient to set up and store.

-With custom humidity control and 3 fan speeds, you can easily reduce moisture to maximize comfort. Continuous drainage mode can also be selected.

-This design is very scientific, with user-friendly design features, including easy-to-use filters and wire storage hooks.

-However, some customers reported that water sometimes leaks from below, and it blows out warm air during operation.

 hOmeLabs HME020030N-22P Reviews:

Best for Medium to Large Rooms and Basements

Capacity: 22pints| Size: 1,500 Sq. FtDrainage: Passive | Energy Star certified: Yes | Humidity sensor: Yes | Frost sensor: Yes | Auto restart: Yes | Speeds: CFM 165 (cubic feet per minute) to CFM 188| Warranty: 2 year

  • Super easy to use
  • Designed for the modern home
  • Eliminates moistness


The price of this is very affordable, and the price is outstanding among similar products.

Small and easy to carry,built-in wheels and handles are very convenient.

Comes with a great warranty – 2 years compared to only 1 year for most other dehumidifiers on the market.

Automatically shuts off and issues a beeping alarm when it’s filled up


No pump, so using a hose to drain it requires gravity to empty.

 It isn’t real quiet,there is loud compressor.

it won’t shut off when the reservoir tank is full. Even when it does work, the tank is so full you end up spilling some water anyway when you want to empty it.

Bottom line:

This hOmeLabs dehumidifier comes with a 2 year warranty on all parts. 


hOmeLabs HME020030N is a small dehumidifier that is easy to use,cheap and energy-efficient. It has a 1 gallon water tank capacity, and removes up to 22 pints of moisture from the air per day. The device itself is pretty simple and easy to use; any questions can easily be answered via the manual. Only a few buttons and functions–the humidity setting itself, a timer, a turbo mode, and the option between continuous vs. auto on /off. An LCD display shows the humidity now or your target humidity (when adjusting the settings). The bucket that collects the water pulls out like a drawer, and there’s a nifty handle that makes it easy to carry. Dumps in a sink, bathtub, etc. with ease.

Note: Dehumidifiers emit heat when in use (that’s how they absorb the moisture). This product won’t work in the same room as an evaporative cooler, and is intended for any indoor space up to 1,500 SQ FT.

To sum up, although the small dehumidifier is very convenient and looks good, the dehumidification effect is not obvious in a large space, and the durability is not very good. If you want to use it for a long time, it is recommended that you choose a medium or large dehumidifier.

Medium Capacity Dehumidifier Reviews
Shinco SDZ1-30P Reviews:

Top Pick: $169.99

Capacity: 30pints| Size: 1,500 Sq. FtDrainage: Passive | Energy Star certified: Yes | Humidity sensor: Yes | Frost sensor: Yes | Auto restart: Yes |Warranty: 1 year

  • Quiet and energy-saving
  • Easy to use
  • Great convenience
  • Washable Air Filter


This Energy Star certified dehumidifier is fit to quickly and effectively absorb moisture with minimal energy consumption.

The water tank can be closed automatically when it is slow, or continuous drainage mode can be selected.

48dB peak sound so that you hardly notice it’s there. In general, 50 decibels is probably just as loud as normal conversation.


As with any dehumidifier, it produces heat, the fan sending it into the airspace which can then increase electric usage for AC. 

there is no condensate pump. The drain needs to be near the unit

Bottom line:

this dehumidifier is quiet and compact. Set up for direct drainage and auto mode.  Excellent price for product and great quality. Simple set up. It doesn’t produce a lot of noise and can keep people sleeping peacefully


Our dehumidifier removes 30 pint(2012DOE, 80°F, RH60%) of water a day and adjust humidity from 85% to 35%, Perfect for use in Home, Basement, Cellar, Garage, Bedroom, Bathroom.

Please note: depending on the climate in your area, as well as room size, you may need to purchase a larger unit for best effect.(Max dehumidification capacity — 60pint, 86°F, RH90%)

This Energy Star certified dehumidifier is fit to quickly and effectively absorb moisture with minimal energy consumption in medium to large rooms, without racking up your energy bill. Energy Star appliances are not just better for the environment, they also cost 30% less to operate compared to non-Energy Star appliances.48 dB peak sound so that you hardly notice it’s there. In general, 50 decibels is probably just as loud as normal conversation.

Quickly dry clothes with one button. If experience a power outage due to a storm, you do not want to have to go around resetting all of your appliances and electronic devices. Shinco dehumidifiers will revert back to their previous set. The LED screen visually shows current room humidity levels and your desired target humidity. You can change the fan speed, set a 2/4 hour sleep timer, auto defrost in low temperature environment. Easy to move, removable water reservoir.

Adjust to the ideal dehumidification setting, then let it run its continuous 24-hour cycle until the tank is full, it will automatically shut-off (Water Tank Capacity 4L) . If you don’t have time, you can choose continuous drainage mode. You can use the gravity drain hose connection to empty water into your sump pump or floor drain, eliminating the need to empty the collected water by hand every few hours.(Length of hose: 1.96ft)

Inofia GA2-30P Reviews:

Ideal Dehumidifier for Home Use

Capacity: 30pints| Size: 1,056 Sq. FtDrainage: Passive | Energy Star certified: No | Humidity sensor: Yes | Frost sensor: Yes | Auto restart: Yes |Warranty: 1 year

  • Easy to work with only one button
  • Manual and automatic drainage
  • Intelligent electronic panel
  • Works quietly


It has a relatively cheap price compared to competing units.

This dehumidifier comes an auto-defrost feature that prevents system lock-ups.

A sixty day money back guarantee and a one year warranty.

Very basic dehumidifier, but sometimes simple is preferable over complicated.


Difficult to open the tank.Cannot be left overnight, because the alarm, indicating the tank is filled, is very loud.

If Your Room is Wet Then You May Need a Larger Dehumidifier, Perhaps a Fifty Pint Unit

Delivery Issues – Product Should Be Shipped Upright.

Bottom line:

This basement dehumidifier is also designed to restart in the event of a power interruption.


The INOFIA 30 pints dehumidifier is an excellent unit for more significant areas such as basements or motor homes. It is intended to be used for every indoor area which is around 1056 square feet. In an ordinary day, the INOFIA unit can dehumidify up to 4 gallons. This powerful dehumidifier has a built-in 8L water tank. It features two options for drainage. Firstly, there is the automatic drainage through a water pipe with a total length of 2 meters. Press both sides of the tank and just pull it out. A red light will indicate that the machine is not working. Clean the container and gently put back the tub.

However, according to consumer feedback, this dehumidifier needs to empty the bucket several times a day, which is troublesome. It is heavy and inconvenient to carry. And the noise is too loud, making it impossible to sleep peacefully.

All in all, Shinco SDZ1-30P outperforms Inofia GA2-30P in terms of noise and convenience. Shinco dehumidifier has Energy Star certification, so it is quieter and more energy-efficient. None of them have water pumps, so they need to be drained automatically or manually, but Inofia often empty the water tank more frequently (from consumer feedback). So we recommend Shinco dehumidifier.

High Capacity Dehumidifier Reviews

In fact, a dehumidifier with a larger capacity is suitable for a larger space, has a better dehumidification effect, and has stronger durability. Compared with a small dehumidifier, although a small dehumidifier is convenient to carry, it is not very effective in a large space. Large dehumidifiers can completely prevent mildew and moisture even in large spaces.

Shinco SDZ1-50P Reviews:

Good choice: $189.99

Capacity: 50pints| Size: 3,000 Sq. FtDrainage: Passive | Energy Star certified: Yes | Humidity sensor: Yes | Frost sensor: Yes | Auto restart: Yes |Warranty: 1 year

  • Quiet and energy-saving
  • Easy to use
  • Great convenience
  • Continuous drainage mode


This Energy Star certified dehumidifier is fit to quickly and effectively absorb moisture in medium to large rooms.

Until the tank is full, it will automatically shut-off (Water Tank Capacity 4L).

The filter on your Shinco Dehumidifier can be cleaned periodically in order to maintain efficiency.

48dB peak sound so that you hardly notice it’s there. In general, 50 decibels is probably just as loud as normal conversation.


Sometimes it emits heat, which is also a problem with most dehumidifiers.

Bottom line:

Shinco offers 12-months warranty and free return or exchange within 30 days of order receipt. This dehumidifier looks stylish and easy to use.


Compared with Shinco 30P dehumidifier, 50P has stronger dehumidification capacity and larger coverage,it removes 50 pint(2012DOE, 80°F, RH60%) of water a day and adjust humidity from 85% to 35%, Perfect for use in Home, Basement, Cellar, Garage, Bedroom, Bathroom. Please note: depending on the climate in your area, as well as room size, you may need to purchase a larger unit for best effect.(Max dehumidification capacity — 90pint, 86°F, RH90%).other performances are almost the same as 30P.

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Shinco SDZ1-70P Reviews:

Best of all: $239.99

Capacity: 70pints| Size: 5,000 Sq. FtDrainage: Pump | Energy Star certified: Yes | Humidity sensor: Yes | Frost sensor: Yes | Auto restart: Yes |Warranty: 1 year

Bottom line:

A built-in pump can operate continuously,it pumps water nonstop vertically up to a water basket,but 30P and 50P have no pumps.


We strongly recommend that you buy this dehumidifier.Compared with Shinco 30P and 50P, 70P has the strongest dehumidification and is the best choice.And a built-in pump can operate continuously,it pumps water nonstop vertically up to a water basket,but 30P and 50P have no pumps.Our dehumidifier removes 70 pint(2012DOE, 80°F, RH60%)of water a day and adjust humidity from 85% to 35%, Perfect for use in Home, Basement, Cellar, Garage. This is our largest, most capable model ideal for large rooms up to 5,000 square feet and/or very wet spaces. (Max dehumidification capacity — 120pint, 86°F, RH90%).

And the water tank has a capacity of 7L, so it doesn’t need to be drained frequently, it is very convenient, and the weight is heavier than the previous two.The peak air volume is also higher than the previous two models.

This small but powerful dehumidifier rolls easily on casters and has a handle that makes for easy movement or even carrying. The price is great. It is very quiet when running – about as loud as a small table top fan. It is also Energy Star compliant. Important was the fact that it comes with a built-in pump, allowing me to run it continuously by running a 28′ long 5mm vinyl hose  from the dehumidifier to a nearby shower drain. The controls are easy to read and allow the pump to run continuously, periodicically based on a set humidity percentage, or for a 24-hour timed period using the built-in timer.

What size Shinco dehumidifier do you need?

The main factors in choosing a dehumidifier are the size of your space and the normal level of humidity in that space. A dehumidifier’s size capacity is defined as the amount of moisture that can be removed from your space in a 24-hour period under normal operating conditions.

Shinco Dehumidifier ratings are determined by using “normal” room conditions, which is 80°F at a 60% Relative Humidity level. If your space is noticeably damp when you walk in the room, or if you experience high levels of rainfall in your area, we recommend that you go up at least one size so that your space can stay more comfortable.

RH30% – RH80% accurate humidity control. Wide range of humidity, automatic detection of humidity in the room, continuous adjustment of the humidity value, the unit will automatically exit after a few seconds without a button operation.

LG PuriCare50P Reviews:

Best for midsize spaces

Capacity: 50 pints (old standard) | Drainage: Passive | Energy Star certified: Yes | Humidity sensor: Yes | Frost sensor: Yes | Auto restart: Yes | Speeds: 2 | Warranty: 1 year

  • Fashion meets functionality
  • Clear bucket for easy visibility
  • Taking safety to the next level


It’s an efficient, reliable, and quiet (48 dBA) portable dehumidifier that can dry your space effectively.

It includes enhanced security features and Safety Standby mode to prevent overheating.

A convenient, completely clear, side-loading 1.7-gallon bucket gives you easy visibility to the water level.

eye-catching control panel features a large screen and bright white LEDs,


No cord storage

Some consumers complain that the noise is loud even at the lowest fan speed.

Bottom line:

The dehumidifier has all of the latest safety features available in the market.


Medium-capacity, 50-pint dehumidifier good at drying out midsized spaces. It has an attractive design, a large digital display and a clear water bucket with a large handle. That makes it easy to see when the tank needs to be emptied, and the handle makes it easy to carry the tank to a drain or sink.

Compared with LG50P, Shinco70P has a larger dehumidification capacity, and according to consumer feedback, the noise problem is not so obvious. Shinco dehumidifiers are cleaner and provide consumers with good sleep.

Shinco dehumidifier, you deserve it.
Dehumidifier parameter comparison table


Eva-dry EDV-1100

Frigidaire FFAD2233W1










$ 46.56 








8 oz/day

22 P











Bucket Capacity

 16 ounce 

 2 gallon

 4-Pint (0.5Gal)

1.1Gallon(4 Liter)

1.85 Gallon (7Liter)




22 watts







1,100 cubic feet


sq ft


Sq ft


Sq. Ft




sq. ft. 


1 year 

1 year 

1 year 

1 year

1 year

1 year




34.00 lbs



33.1 lbs




Energy Star



Product Dimensions

6.5×8.5x 5.3in

10.50×13.80x 20.50 in

12.2×8.2x 17.3in

13.5 x 9.4 x20.1in

14.9×10.5x 24.2in



50.9 dB


46 dB



48 dB

You can choose the dehumidifier you want according to your needs. In short, Shinco dehumidifier is our top recommendation.